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There were no injuries as a result of the collision.

Contributing factors:- The dispatcher of the B737 could not visually confirm the position of the A320 relative to its assigned gate and incorrectly assessed that, as the aircraft was stationary, it was at the gate.- The pushback of the B737 was commenced with insufficient clearance from the A320, which was not identified prior to the collision as the dispatcher's position to the right-front of the B737 prevented observation of its left wing. Distance from Melbourne-Tullamarine Airport, VIC to Sunshine Coast Airport, QLD as the crow flies is 1450 km (906 miles).

It is preliminary and is based on the facts as they are known at this time.

(JTA) — It’s safe to say that Eli Batalion and Jamie Elman are some of the funniest Yiddish speakers around. In one episode, Chaimie tries to convince Leizer to order food in a restaurant on Yom Kippur.

When asked to describe their relationship, they draw on the two defining characteristics of the show: Judaism and humor. Elman, on the other hand, quipped that it’s “not entirely kosher.” Jokes aside, that juxtaposition speaks to a central theme in “Yid Life crisis”: the tension between the pull of the Jewish tradition and the appeal of secularism.

At , the left wingtip of VH-YID contacted the tail cone of the A320 immediately aft of the operating auxiliary power unit.

The tail cone immediately aft of the auxiliary power unit separated from the aircraft and fell to the ground.

The dispatcher on VH-YID reported looking under the aircraft and observing that the A320 was stopped.

The dispatcher reported then waiting for about 1520 seconds to confirm the aircraft remained stationary.

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