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Surfant alors sur la tendance des fake news et autres , la vidéo montre Theresa May lancer des gestes insultants aux journalistes, une fois rentrée au 10 Downing Street, résidence officielle et lieu de travail du Premier ministre du Royaume-Uni.En prenant en compte la crise de confiance actuelle vis-à-vis des médias, ce positionnement peut s’avérer dangereux.

We know the series will be a prequel to films, so that means anything prior to Bilbo handing over the ring to Frodo is fair game.

They’ve previously worked as writers on ‘Godzilla vs. In a statement, the duo have said: “The rich world that J. We feel like Frodo, setting out from the Shire, with a great responsibility in our care — it is the beginning of the adventure of a lifetime.” According to website Omega Underground the production team are now considering New Zealand (the location of the original film trilogy), for the filming location for the television series; however the this is yet to be officially confirmed.

Amazon have confirmed that the show will be set in the Age of Númenor (or the Second Age).

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