Xmlvalidatingreader schema

Create() with proper XMLReader Settings for validating the document. Following graphic(click for larger image) shows the XML file that we are using: To validate the XML shown above, we have the schema. Please note that in absence of event mentioned in point (3), an exception will be thrown on the first error encountered in XML file where as in case of having the Validation Event Handler hooked up, all the errors in the XML file can be displayed.Following code shows the steps mentioned above: Validating XML using Xml Reader Settings follows almost the same path as that for Xml Validating Reader, with a difference that here we will be using Xml Reader Settings to pass in the schema details.Using the Xml Validating Reader tells about the element/attribute with incorrect value as per the data type, but using Xml Reader Setting provides a detailed error showing the incorrect value along with the expected datatype.I hope I was able to provide most of you with a good insight on validating XML files using schemas.Following are the steps to using Xml Reader Settings for validating an XML file: The code behaves the same in both the cases.

I am having some trouble validating XML using the Xml Validating Reader. Read(Validator Reader, Address Of Validation Event Handler) Validation Schema. ] the Read operation is feeding its resulting SOM into the Validation Schema object that you're going to compile and add into a collection later, what is actually happening is, Xml Schema. On the third line, Compile( ) is happily compiling the empty schema you created in the first line. On the second line, Xml Schema:: Read( ) is being called to load in the XML Schema Document contained in s Schema and _then throwing it all away_. Read( Validator Reader, Address Of veh) you might think [where are the Cars? So, whereas from looking at the line, Validation Schema.

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