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If you skip one, installing the next release will provide all the changes of the previous one. Version 8 is a significant upgrade with over 50 new features.

Click on the printer friendly link at the bottom if you want to print out all release notes, or go to the specific page and click printer friendly version.

Venues that are currently using version 8 have told us that it seems faster, so, anecdotally, the improvement is noticeable.

The improvement that each venue achieves is dependant entirely on the postgres server machine and is affected by things like: memory, striping of hard drives and speed (number of CPU's).

Sample performance improvements are listed below (note that they are not cumulative, just indicative of areas where we focused on performance): any number of users may now sell large blocks of tickets simultaneously without any record locking happening.

We have noticed that each ticket workstation in a large venue now receives the same response time from the server (on average)displaying a moderate number of patron, orders, shopping carts and such is as much as 10 times faster.

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This can be used from any computer within your organization.Version 8 consists of many hundreds of little changes through out Theatre Manager. Most were under the hood tweaks for performance and added convenience in a number of areas.They are too numerous to mention them all, so this document focuses on the key ones.There is a bit of code that needs added to the page that starts with The following changes have been made to Theatre Manager since version 8.09 We have built a product right into Theatre Manager for remote support called 'Team Viewer'.From our testing, is zero configuration and secure - and it is right on the Theatre Manager menu bar.

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