World of tanks critical error updating the launcher dating months one to three

- Better Night (Time of Day) - much darker, with a realistic Moon effect.

- Improved version of the "Flying Height Mod" (changed cruising height of all air units).

- Many new sounds, some of them imported from the RGV1's EE4 Mod.

- Modified game sounds volumes to be more ear-friendly.

If you're still unsure about it - please simply do not download / install the patch.

- Some other CB units: Slave, Prisoner, Leaders (Dictator, President, Queen, Prince), Monacopter, etc. - New Multiplayer Scenarios, created in 2013 by Dom Dom11/12 and Dr Mona Lisa.- Debug Menu, hotkey: CTRL O and Atmosphere Panel, hotkey: CTRL ALT SHIFT A - for modders.- Built-in Music Player (EE2Amp), hotkey: CTRL ALT SHIFT F12 1 sample song.- "Pro Map Maker" by Dom Dom11/12 (modified tools sizes for easier map making).- Restored the "return to base" button for aircraft units in EE2: AOS.

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