With sedating

Patient positioning is important to prevent blood pressure changes or nerve damage associated with abnormal position.Patients are also monitored for pulse rate, respiration, blood pressure, and temperature.A detailed past history, especially prior experiences with sedatives and other anesthetics is an important part of preparatory assessment.It is important to determine if there were any untoward side effects associated with a previous medication.Recovery room monitoring primarily focuses on heart stability, respiratory adequacy and return to previous brain functioning.

For outpatient surgery there are two types of sedation, conscious and unconscious sedation.

Preexisting medical conditions such as high blood pressure and heart and lung disease may increase the chance of developing undesirable side effects.

Normal or uncomplicated results for sedation include alleviation of anxiety and discomfort.

Patients receiving conscious sedation are capable of rational responses, and they are able to maintain their airway for ventilation.

The hallmark of conscious sedation is that it does not alter respiratory, cardiac, or reflex functions (nerve reflexes from the brain) to the level that requires external support for these vital functions.

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