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It was this ability to articulate simple human truths, in a voice full of beauty and longing, that kept his huge fanbase so loyal, and secured his place as one of black music's all-time greats.

He formed his own group while still in high school and later worked with the Musical Theatre Workshop.

At the time of our interview in 1998, Vandross had just ended his 17-year relationship with Columbia/Sony Music and joined Virgin Records for the ill-fated I Know album. Vandross claimed he was never promoted as he should have been, that he was never taken seriously artistically and, finally towards the end of his tenure, that executives simply refused to consider his own songs for his own albums. On stage, he presented himself as the affable romantic but on that spring day, I found him defensive, insecure and critical as we discussed his waistline (he was on an upward cycle after a dramatic weight loss a couple of years earlier), health concerns, the music business and his image.

More than anything, though, I left his house feeling that he was a profoundly lonely person.

Vandross has won countless awards and he has worked with Dionne Warwick, Diana Ross and Whitney Houston. When I had arrived, it was Vandross himself who greeted me at the door.As he gave me a guided tour, pointing out lush, imported European fabrics and marble flooring, not a soul stirred in the entire building. From a Brooklyn, NY, family deep in gospel and soul singing, Vandross had plenty of singing guidance as a child.After a brief break from the music scene in the 70s, an old friend and workshop colleague, Carlos Alomar, invited him to join him in the studio with David Bowie for the recording of Young Americans.

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