Who is sticky fingaz dating

The rapper shared a snippet of the track, which can be heard exclusively on his website. " Sticky Fingaz claps back at Kodak, rapping,"Picture that, that fuckboy Kodak Black/Punched Sticky Fingaz in the face, well where the fuck was I at? He had a gun in there, dog…When I tried to shoot the nigga, his gun was fake. This nigga an actor ni***, man."Thoughts on Sticky Fingaz taking this to the booth?

" Kodak Black went on Instagram earlier this month to address an incident with Sticky Fingaz, saying that he wasn't feeling the OG's "old head energy." Kodak, who's feuded with everyone from Reginae Carter to Young M. within the past month, said that he "punched that n***a dead in his shit" before claiming that he tried to shoot him."I grabbed his bag, right.

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Onyx is an American hardcore hip hop group from South Jamaica, Queens, New York.

The group is composed of East Coast rappers Sticky Fingaz and Fredro Starr.

Ever since Kodak Black said he punched Sticky Fingaz in the head, most people have been wondering how the two of them managed to be in the same place at once, let alone the details.

Sticky Fingaz hasn't said much since Kodka Black went on Instagram to recount their encounter.

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