Who is sidney crosby dating 2016

He believes that people should not be discriminated simply because of their sexual preference.His support for the LGBTQ community can be traced back to 2013 when Russia proposed an anti-gay law ahead of the 2014 Olympics.While relationships are so short-term nowadays, Sidney has found a loyal girlfriend.

Although Sidney is not a gay man, he still has sentiments and sympathizes with the gay people.

The name is usually given to players who are considered the next “Wayne Gretzky”.

Wayne Gretzky is largely considered the greatest hockey player of all time and his nickname was “The Great One”.

In this same season, he won The Hart Memorial Trophy when he was the choice of Professional Hockey Writers Association in the category of Most Valuable Player.

He also got the Lester B Pearson Award for the NHL player Association to be the most outstanding player and he became the seventh player of NHL history who earned the three awards in just one year.

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