Who is rebecca st james dating questionnaire for dating couples

A friend of ours said that it’s so rare that you see two people that have waited for each other and that there was a magical, lovely element that came from that. Just being able to come to that honeymoon and to our marriage with no shame — kind of like Adam and Eve before the fall — there is a paradise element that is very profound.

And in marriage, there is a trust when we’re not together: he’s not thinking about anybody else and I’m not thinking about anybody else. Do you think your purity platform will be different going forward?

I found in other dating relationships that I hadn’t felt fully appreciated or cherished or led spiritually.

But with Jacob, there was this “cherishing” factor that was there with him.

I think a lot of guys struggle with that because it takes a lot of strength and a lot of confidence, as a man, to really truly cherish a woman.

God did confirm it through Scripture, through people that I respect in my life, mentors speaking into my life through prayer, through peace. So it’s a process of guarding your heart but not overly guarding it because you want to be open to love. Being recently out of that season I can emphasize with a lot of people that are still in it.

Second to giving your life to Jesus, it’s the biggest decision you’ll ever make in your life. I look back and honestly I’m glad to be done with that season of my life. We went through marriage counseling with a friend who was Jacob’s youth pastor when he was a teenager.

And he did this morning while I was leading worship. When I was home last week we went to the beach and he was making me die with laughter with a story he was telling.

We feel prayer is a big part of our intimacy as a couple. So whatever we do and wherever we are, that’s where home is.

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