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This includes her long time boyfriend, now fiancé, who has been linked to his now more successful partner from day one.

Brock and his wife have caught a little guff for the fact she’s 10 years his senior, yet it’s highly doubtful anyone has the tenacity to mock the couple for this to their faces. Just because the vast majority of the WWE Universe sees Roman Reigns as the worst wrestler alive doesn’t mean he can’t still attract the ladies.

In fact, she and her future husband had been friends since childhood who trained to get into the sport together, falling love with wrestling and one another at virtually the same time.

They also got to spend a few good years in WWE working side by side, until an unfortunate injury took her husband out of the ring seemingly for good.

Once again, these are some of the same qualities that Vince Mc Mahon thinks can make a wrestler into a superstar, so many insiders are predicting the sky could be the limit for the former NXT tag team standout.

This could prove great for the man himself, of course, and also the woman who has been standing behind him since his humble beginnings.

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