Who is james marsters dating

He also appeared with well-known Chicago companies such as the Northlight and the Bailiwick and with his own group, the Genesis Theatre Company.

Marsters was nominated for a Joseph Jefferson Award for his performance of the lead role of Robespierre in the six-hour drama Incorruptible: The Life, Death and Dreams of Maximilian de Robespierre in 1989.

Marsters moved to Chicago, where his first professional acting role was Ferdinand in The Tempest at the Goodman Theatre in 1987.

In this production, he was rolled onto the stage strapped naked to a wheel.

In 2007 Marsters co-starred the cinematic release of P. He has also portrayed Piccolo Daimao in the Dragon Ball manga and anime.

And as Buzz Aldrin in the movie Moonshot on July 20, 2009. He also signed for the High Plains Invaders of Syfy Channel. He appeared as a Bennett Sutton in the Warehouse 13 in 2013. He was the lead singer of the Rock Band Ghost of the Robot.

James Marsters isn't gay either; he married his longtime girlfriend, Patricia Rahman in Jan.

James Marsters is currently married to Patricia Rahman.

Marsters appearance as Spike in the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer attracted the attention of the public. Marsters has a son named Sullivan Marsters from his first wife.James Marsters is an American Actor and a Musician. He played in the series and movies like Smallville and Torchwood. He has also worked with companies like North light and the Bailiwick.Former NFL running back, Edgerrin James, lost his wife to cancer in 2009. He dated Marley Shelton for 8 years (1991-99), was married for 6 years to Tressa di Figlia (2001-07) and dated Lauren Grasso after that.As of October 2014, there are no reports regarding his current dating situation. Any claim that he dated James Marsters is unsubstantiated rumor.

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