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I don't know how he's feeling," Vic's manager said.

Another ex-boyfriend, actor Blue Lan, who is currently filming spoke through his manager, "Wedding is a joyous occasion.

The two of them were reportedly dating each other for almost six months now, starting around February of this year.

In his most recent post, he confirmed his new relationship when he said he’s now happy to finally have found someone who truly cares for him.

The actress added that she had already sent a gift to the couple, although she could not be there personally.

I wish her happiness."Xiaofei's ex-girlfriend, actress Zhang Yuqi also sent her blessings to the lovebirds.

Not so long ago, F4 had been the ideal embodiment of the male species, the living model of how men should be in the minds of most teenage girls.

Vanness Wu has been married with Singaporean socialite Arissa Cheo for two years now.

Though their marriage had hit a rough bump late last year because of their online spats, all’s well now for this eclectic couple.

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