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Taccone, the son of theater director, brought home the film Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, a choice the other men teased as being "too theatrical." The film, however, inspired Schaffer to write an overwrought play, in the style of Tennessee Williams, called The Lonely Island, in reference to their apartment.The name eventually extended to the comedy group itself.The trio – Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer – pitched a song title “Why Not Me” but were told it was “financially and logistically impossible.” Thankfully, the group is releasing the song away!When you’re in a relationship, really is no bigger game-changer than having a baby. This, despite what you might have heard, isn’t always such a bad thing.I mean, who needs to sleep in every weekend, right? But honestly, not all of the changes that having kids introduces to your life are bad. I remember back when I was unmarried and most assuredly a parent, I ran into an old friend who had met her partner later in life, and had just had two children. In my head, I thought, “There is no way my children will ever come before my partner! ” Looking back, I can see how naive my viewpoint was.She referred to the fact that she was co-sleeping with her children in one bed, while her husband slept in another room. The truth is, despite the worst fears that will undoubtedly creep into your mind over the course of your pregnancy and the first months of parenthood, your life with your partner isn’t over just because a baby is in the picture.

Months can go by without any sort of intimacy, if you’re not careful. My favorite birthday in recent memory was this year, when my husband planned a full day of child-free activities, just the two of us.There is nothing in the world I love more than watching my partner play with our children.OK, this might be a newsflash if you haven’t yet had a baby, but you are going to be witnessing and cleaning up all kinds of mess.Feeling like you’re in it together makes the hard times seem a little less hard.Even if your partner isn’t biologically connected to your kids, if you’re raising them together, they’re bound to pick up so many of your beloved’s habits and mannerisms, and it never stops being awesome to watch. “She totally gets that smirk from you,” or, “His eyebrows are YOURS, wow!

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