What smart teenagers know about dating relationships sex

It is important to set expectations and boundaries you have now regarding your teen dating rather than defining them through confrontation later.

Let your teen know any rules you may have, such as curfews, restrictions on who or how they date, who will pay for dates, and any other stipulations you might have.

If you’re feeling unsure about how to teach your teen to distinguish between a healthy and unhealthy relationship, or if you would like additional resources on the warning signs of relationship abuse or promoting positive relationships, consider visiting

Loveisrespect is a nonprofit organization that works to educate young people about healthy relationships and create a culture free of abuse.

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For example, you might say something like, “Are you interested in finding a boyfriend or girlfriend? You knew it would, but you didn’t think it would happen so quickly.In spite of any hope you had of slowing down the clock, you woke up one day to find that your child is not so childlike anymore.As we near the end of Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, we want to remind parents how important it is to do their part to help prevent teen dating violence and promote healthy relationships.If you are a parent to a blossoming teen, consider discussing these crucial aspects of relationships with your child before he or she enters into a relationship: Be sure to teach your teen about the foundations of a healthy relationship.

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