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Over a decade after yelling his way through Zach Snyder's macho dorm room staple ), along with DTV favorites Scott Adkins and Michael Jai White in crucial bad guy roles, the project gives off an immediately appealing All-Star Team vibe.But, like many battle royale style action movies, the execution doesn't always live up to the potential.From a story-telling perspective, the plot isn't that different from various -like tales of parental vengeance, but the filmmakers have tricked out the story with enough emotional flashbacks and specific cultural details to make it stand out.

Hai runs, kicks, punches, and shoots her way to her daughter.While , his previous (and much stronger) collaboration with Vaughn, it's clearly the work of an artist looking to expand his scope and willing to test his audience's patience.Where to watch: Rent on Amazon, i Tunes, Vudu, and You Tube (Watch the trailer) ) Why it’s worth watching: Brian De Palma's taste for the grotesque both drives and ultimately derails this fascinating, maddening late-career terrorism thriller, which arrived unceremoniously on VOD after being delayed for vaguely troubled reasons and talked down in the press by the legendary director himself.As disjointed and wrong-head as the film can be, is worth seeking out for a handful of deliriously staged, virtuosically shot suspense sequences, including a shocking murder that leads to a rooftop chase and a bewildering set-piece involving a bullfight and a drone.(Just like in classics like , De Palma remains obsessed with visceral questions of perspective.) Even in its possibly compromised state, the movie has more visual spark than most of the blockbusters rolling off the assembly line this summer.

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