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It’s really weird how Stephanie gloats like an asshole about it, like she’s reveling in the fact that it sucks for her her sister to have to hang out with her lame ass instead of going to a rad party.

DJ complains to Danny that she wants to sneak a sip of champagne and use it as an excuse to let some oily boy with half a mustache feel her up on New Years instead of being obligated to sit around with her ugmo sisters but then Joey volunteers to watch the girls because he really doesn’t have anything better to do.

Pouring salt on the gaping wound that is his pathetic loneliness, the other dads come home from a double-date with their hot lady friends and start making out in the living room. ), Jesse and Rebecca Donaldson urge Joey to find a date for the upcoming New Years Eve party at the tv station so he’s not an even bigger 5th wheel burden to have around than he usually is.

He calls her up and invites her to sit around the full house with him and the girls on New Years Eve and she agrees to come, which is a pretty major red flag if you ask me.

After he gets off the phone, Joey stares at Christine’s image on the tv and says that he thinks that he’s in love with her, which is an even bigger red flag.

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