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Drink Instead of a lot of soda in each meal they use to drink a lot of natural juices what is really healthy because those juices have less sugar than a soda, have no fats and no colorant.

The most known juice is “Parchita (passion fruit) juice:” (Jugo de Parchita).

What people usually don’t know is that the most of venezuelans are hard working people of spanish descent without much native american blood.

Some of these questions we can easily respond, like Hugo Chavez (ex-dictator (ops)) and baseball (the sport number one in Venezuela).

Because if you say you have nothing they will not believe and just shoot you.– The ideal of feminine beauty for Venezuelans is considered a full-figured woman of “guitar” body type.

On the 16th anniversary the best gift for Venezuelan girl is considered an operation to put implants in the breast and thighs.

Another issue is that there is no health service as such in Venezuela, so if you decide to use these services, you operate strictly at your own risk. There are a large number of homosexuals in the streets of Venezuela. Venezuelans are from those who seek to earn providing different services.

As for all in Venezuela, the prices for such services are changing every day. By the way, services transvestites and homosexuals are quite expensive compared to conventional prostitutes.

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Some generalization about Venezuelans could be that we usually do not follow the rules, for example in the streets, and driving.Romantic options are admittedly a little limited for heterosexual guests as the rest of clientele is 100% male.There are, however, some saucy female interrogators who add a little spice to question time with a certain dominatrix spirit. ), a little slapping and even, according to some of the luckier guests, certain flirtatious behaviour, including close physical contact – we blush to say any more…It’s like watching a Hollywood movie – where all the girls are beautiful, you come to the US – there are no such people on the streets.Similarly, in Venezuela girls are not so pretty, as we imagine that Latina hotties.

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