Vanness and ady dating

There are not many videos of Tension on Youtube with the song "Irresistable" because most people have thought of the song as a Jay Chou x F4 song.However I do see where the assumptions came in, considering how one of the singers sounded quite like F4's Vanness Wu.No, they did not collaborate to sing the song "Irresistable" at all.The song "Irresistable" was sung by another band called Tension.

Ady An, who played the most problematic female lead in a drama (in my opinion) with the douchey but captivating male lead in Van Ness Wu.You can use the Ctrl - Y key combination, or you can use the F4 key. Wait, let me amend that, OMG Liang Mu Cheng I hate you!A few notables were missing, namely Tiffany Hsu who played the second female lead doctor/fiancée to Vanness’ character (and one of the rare awesome second female leads ever to grace a drama screen) and Amanda Zhu who was the third female lead and nursed a crush on Chris’ character in the drama.Eagle-eyed fans have asked where Xiao Le is, and the consensus is that Xiao Xiao Bin must be at home sleeping since it was a weeknight.

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