Validating windows xp professional

Probably stating the obvious, but have you been here: (you need to go through IE).2.

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Admittedly XP has been always my "experimental" OS and I had used it many times. The problem that we are having with my friends XP "re=install" is somewhat different in that it has only been used (installed) two times before.As for my Dell Dimension 4700, there have been a number of "reinstalls" using the disk from my old "8400" without problem.BTW, there was another part of your question which I failed to answer.As previously mentioned, my friend's Presario originally came new with Windows Vista installed but, after experiencing many problems with Vista, he bought the XP disk to replace the Vista OS installation.As also mentioned, there had been the original XP "install" on his Presario and one later "re-install" using this disk and without any problems in validating or activating the installation.

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