Validating dropdownlist updating microsoft outlook to 2016

It populates ok, but if I enter a word not in the list, it still accepts it. See screenshot: Note: This VBA code is not applied to merged cells. I have managed to get it to work, but like in Cartson's comment: I need to keep selections to the list.

If you have a long list of items, I recommend this OFFSET function method, -- it is easier to set up and maintain. NOTE: If you look in the Name Manager after creating these names, you will see that they all refer to the named Tables. In Cell Dropdown = False Cancel = True x Str = Target. Formula1 x Str = Right(x Str, Len(x Str) - 1) If x Str = "" Then Exit Sub With x Combox . List Fill Range = "" Then x Arr = Split(x Str, ",") Me. In this example, a region is selected in column B, and only the customers in that region will appear in the drop down list in column C.NOTE: For Excel 2003 instructions (no named Excel Tables), click here.

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