Updating to fedora 10 wis dating

Because the Goddard Library is on the cusp of a migration from Fedora 3 to Fedora 4, this article addresses the challenges in updating Fedora 3 and ways Fedora 4’s architecture will allow for easier updates.by Ruth Kitchin Tillman This article documents a project undertaken to augment metadata within the NASA Goddard Library Repository.[1] The repository runs on a custom Fedora 3.3/Drupal 7 setup.It turns out that the fedora text mode is easily activated by editing the command line for the kernel and adding the word 'text'. Of course, they couldn't include a menu option nor could they document this like they used to on previous versions. Well, at least I was onto something and I could get the installer working.

So I had to remove all the fc8 packages and some other things and then the update finally worked.Well, I disregarded my own advice and proceeded to install 10 on my server (mainly because I wanted to do an upgrade to make sure stuff still worked).Let me state this loud and clear: This was the worst installation procedure I've ever dealt with in my 12 years of running Linux.I tried removing the old packages but yum, in its infinite wisdom, decided that since I wanted to get rid of package X, it would get rid of Y, and since I was getting rid of Y, it would get rid of ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWZ.I didn't look at the list closely enough and in the end .

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