Updating sweater with buttons

I chose the yarn (Red Heart Boutique), and I set the stitch counts at the neck, but after that, the math took over.

Well, I've been experimenting with other yarns ever since, changing the stitch counts to fit the yarn, and I used the same basic pattern for the doll sweaters I've knitted this year for the dolls that I sent last night to the Butterfly Ministry for Girls.

This should leave you with 9 stitches for the top of each front panel, 7 stitches at the top of each sleeve and 18 stitches across the back. Row 7 and all right side rows (odd numbers) to the bottom of the yoke: knit across, knitting into the front and back of each stitch before and after the markers.

This means you will be adding a total of 8 stitches every right side row. When you have about 18 stitches on each front panel and 36 stitches across the back, you will have about 25 stitches on each sleeve.

So, here's an updated version of the sweater pattern I originally posted on Jan. Top-down raglan for 18-inch dolls for worsted or DK yarn Materials: Size 4 needles.

I used to do the neck, yoke and body on 16-inch circulars and the sleeves on doublepoints.

Get it from Ravelry HERE Winter is here and I’m not the only one freezing! You will notice that when using hdc stitches, the joins move to the right.

My 14lb Shih-poo has been shivering since it dropped below 40 degrees. It is not straight up and down like it would be if using dc or sc.

Rows 3 and 4 are k1, p2, k2, p2 all the way around, with the first and last stitch of each row combining to form a rib of their own.K 18, place the 25 sleeve stitches on a holder, continuing directly from the front panel to the back panel, k 36, put the 25 sleeve stitches on a holder, and continuing directly from the back to the front panel, k18. Continue in stockinette (knit on the right side, purl on the wrong side) until your piece measures the desired length.I've been making the sweaters longer this year than I used to. Sleeves: Now go back and pick up the 25 stitches of one of the sleeves and ad one stitch at the bottom of the armhole.It's time to put the sleeve stitches on holders and knit the body down to the bottom of the sweater.If you are using a heavier yarn, you may want to do this when there are only 30 or 32 stitches across the back, with correspondingly fewer numbers in the other sections.

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