Updating nuvi 260

At this point I might add that this is the third time I have updated my 260 and did not have a problem with the update. It downloaded fine until about the last 20 minutes of download time and then I got a error and the download stopped.

I went to the Garmin website and connected it via usb cable to my computer, which is running the Windows Vista operating system. The computer recognized the 260 and then I began the download.

I know these instructions are long, but please don't worry..are just very detailed to help folks follow them easily. Downloading the actual updates may though, depending on your Internet connection speed.

Make sure to disable all firewall *and* anti-virus software before starting..please use Internet Explorer during the process as Chrome will absolutely not work and Firefox may or may not work, depending on how you have it configured.

I might add that the update wanted to install the Canada maps but I went to the install options and clicked on the lower 49 states thinking that the reason it wouldn't load the maps in my 260W was because it didn't have enough memory of Canada and the lower 49 states.

But it didn't matter because of the error at the start of the map install.

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(The one that says, "That's all we need from you right now...")Now, your maps are being transferred to your Nuvi. Make absolutely certain that your computer will not "sleep", "hibernate", or otherwise power itself down while it is transferring these files.When you disconnect the device, it will probably power off. The Nuvi will say "Loading maps." and the unit will reset itself (power off, then back on with the words "Software Loading..." at the top of the Nuvi's screen.When it is finished loading the updates, it will restart again.Here are the instructions I've written to help folks use the one-time updater..are very detailed in order to help you get through them.Please try to follow them as best you can and you should be able to update your Nuvi.

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