Updating iphone calendar

If you synchronize your device with a Mac, the events calendar will also be visible in i Cal on your Mac. For every date in the year ahead, it creates an all-day event to tell you what that day is.

(In contrast, the calendar application on the Mac is perfectly able to handle a mixture of local and i Cloud calendars).We do what we can to ensure that if you have i Cloud turned on, Universalis creates the Universalis Automatic calendar in i Cloud, but in this can't be fully reliable because there is no way for an application to determine unambiguously whether i Cloud is indeed turned on for calendars.To cure the bug, you need to "repatriate" your calendars from i Cloud to your device, so that they are all local calendars.It is highly likely that you are getting this error because you responded (accept or reject) to a calendar invitation, and your response, for some reasons, could not be sent and thus you keep getting this notification.This article explains how you can troubleshoot this error.

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