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Rather, its resolutions serve only as recommendations—except in specific cases and for certain purposes within the UN system, such as determining the UN budget, admitting new members of the UN, and, with the involvement of the International Court of Justice (ICJ).Also, there is no system of courts with comprehensive jurisdiction in international law.Because there is no standing UN military, the forces involved must be assembled from member states on an ad hoc basis.International law is a distinctive part of the general structure of international relations.The range of subjects and actors directly concerned with international law has widened considerably, moving beyond the classical questions of war, peace, and diplomacy to include human rights, economic and trade issues, space law, and international organizations.

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The rules of international law are rarely enforced by military means or even by the use of economic sanctions.

Instead, the system is sustained by reciprocity or a sense of enlightened self-interest.

Furthermore, it is generally realized that consistent rule violations would jeopardize the value that the system brings to the community of states, international organizations, and other actors.

This value consists in the certainty, predictability, and sense of common purpose in international affairs that derives from the existence of a set of rules accepted by all international actors.

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