Updating gatherer without losing nodes

Jade - when is your surgery, you may have mentioned this already but what is your surgery for? Aug 16, 2018 PM - edited Aug 16, 2018 PM by Egads007 Two H - Congrats on the weight loss and getting closer to your goal!!! The last 10 lbs seem be applied to me with superglue.

I'm hoping my upcoming break from tamoxifen will make the diff.

Every time you pick up processed food quickly scope out the the ingredients list, if you see canola, soy, sugar, wheat and words that Einstein couldn't pronounce, put it down. You'll find in time that you can determine choices in seconds, honest!

Neanderthal DNA...cool, I'm hoping to find the same, but will probably be told..have all the genetic markers of the village idiot :))))) How is your son doing lately?

Oh, and btw, you have your cave sisters even if there's no DNA lol!

Common sense must prevail so if you notice any adverse effects stop and investigate.

Websites: out overviews & Definitive Guides…helpful with food & everything else you need to know)Guide Links: Easy to read, plenty more info on website link above:https:// PROCESSES - CHOOSING A SAFER METHODhttps:// kindly provided by Cave Chick Two HFISH SAFETY - Check out what you're eating: https://fishchoice.com/Recipe Sources:https:// CHICK RECIPESJunie Bee's Broccoli Chicken Casserole: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OQ2h LIKQL7y Eu J...

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