Updating a blog on the iseries

Seamless integration is the result by updating both data sets simultaneously.

We found the general overview of the security enhancement “Authority Collection” intriguing.

The fix pack package is significantly larger than the platform specific installer packages.

The range was developed in 1960s and more generally known at the time as minicomputers (a term obsolete since 1990s).

You'll also run into programmers who couldn't care less about that image problem because they've discovered what AS/400s (i Series) can do and have worked on enough alternative platforms to know the real story.

When IBM named the "i Series", they chose the letter "i" to emphasize the point of "integration".

There is a subset of i Series known as i5 -- these have very specific hardware definitions.

Note that an i Series box is a physically different system from an AS/400 -- new processors, new all kinds of stuff.

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