Top dating keywords

Keep in mind that ASO and keyword optimization are not a one-shot but rather an ongoing process.Your app keywords should be monitored and iterated regularly for the best results.Today, the competition is more impressive than ever before. We can fairly say that there exists “an app for everything and everyone”.If the total number of apps in the App Store has declined over the past couple of years (due to new requirements and OS compatibility standards), the quality of apps in the store has gone up drastically, which makes it even harder to stand out.Did you know that the App Store remains the first place where people come to download apps?Actually, about 70% of app store visitors use search to find new apps and over 65% of apps are downloaded directly after a search in the store (this includes brand search).

Given the high level of competition and the importance of app discoverability, ASO should have a prominent focus in your mobile growth stack, as part of your acquisition and conversion tools. There's a lot of pressure in the online dating world to create a beautifully crafted profile, complete with star quality pictures and a list of exciting interests.After all, it's the only thing you have to attract the partner of your dreams through the internet.The algorithm also takes keywords from the App Store Connect Keyword Field (100-character keyword set) to index apps.Other elements (such as installs, conversion rates, reviews & ratings, etc.) are taken into account by the algorithm to make a proper ranking on apps targeting the same app store keywords.

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