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The oldest fossils of the familiar pine tree that dominates Northern Hemisphere forests today has been found by researchers.

The 140-million-year-old fossils (dating from the Cretaceous ‘Age of the ...

Archaeologists testing the ages of artifacts from multiple sites across the Eastern and Western hemispheres found that civilization originated simultaneously around the world rather than in Europe.

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The second edition of Libby's , published by the University of Chicago Press in 1955, lists 27 pages of objects for which he had obtained radiocarbon dates before the fall of 1954.

"Libby's method remained the only way to measure carbon-14 in samples for several decades and was long considered the most accurate means of dating by carbon decay," said David Mazziotti, a UChicago chemistry professor who submitted the formal nomination of the site as a historic chemical landmark to the American Chemical Society.

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