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You two “magically” end up right next to each other and conversation strikes.What made this person more attractive to you than the nice guy or girl who was buying you drinks all night, asking about your college major and saying how they’d love to go on a date with you? You knew you could have the person who cared, you knew they were interested, so you put them on the back burner, saving them for later, perhaps.And no, I’m not saying all relationships stemmed from the infamous game of cat and mouse chases in dating, but they stemmed from something.But to answer this question, for me, the “game” never turns out successful, especially when I have to do the chasing.When they ask for advice on a guy they’re not sure of, I usually encourage them to wait a while before responding, to not be so available when the guy asks to hangout and to never double text.

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Why do girls fall for the guys who are known “players” and show them little interest?Or, why do guys go for the girl who constantly tries to get them jealous with other guys at the bar or posts too many pictures with other guys on Snapchat?It’s because these people seem out of our reach; they keep us on our toes.They’re “not ready” to settle down, or they’re just not worth your time, anyway. You obviously cared a lot more about them than the person constantly playing “hard to get."To be completely honest, I don’t really like "the unknown" or when things are left up in the air.I like knowing what's up, even if it is the painful truth that hey, maybe this person actually doesn't like me at all.

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