T d jakes advice on dating

Often in relationships, we feel as if we are walking a tightrope with a chasm of failure looming below. There are positive steps we can take to strengthen our relationships and keep them from sinking. Showing up means being fully present when you are with your significant other.

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We cannot truly and fully experience the depths of love without being willing to dive into the realm of vulnerability. As Timothy Keller says, “To be loved but not known is comforting but superficial.” Why would we shortchange ourselves in one of the most profound and important areas of life?

At the end of each day, take inventory of your missteps and apologize before you turn out the lights.

The word “conversation” stems from a Latin term that means the “act of living with.” No one enjoys the thought of spending their lives with someone who is domineering, uninterested, or distant.

Other people might not even be bothered by these things, but your inability to put up with anything less than excellence means that you have an interest there.

You need to recognize, "This is an area I have passion about." Next: Are you substituting someone else's happiness for your own?

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