Strict asian parents dating

I appreciate where I come from and strive to learn more and more about my culture every day.I am only saying that from personal experience, an upbringing that has taught me to repress myself has only resulted in me being secretive, rebellious, and undeniably confused.

Other than generally striving to be "a good person" I didn't bother "honouring my parents wishes" when it came to the weird and wacky of demands. They figured out for themselves me & that person probably broke up when I started staying home every weekend.I haven't killed anyone, done illegal drugs, or got involved in crime or anything like that. But unfortunately, I didn't have the chance to go away for studies at the time.I introduced my boyfriend as a friend first so that I could get them used to the idea of him being around me a lot (as I was still living at home).I have told them I will tell them the day before if I were ever to get married so it wouldn't give them time to judge my spouse. If you want to hide, just don't tell them about it. I hid my boyfriend for a couple of years and then it suddenly got out that I was in a relationship with someone. I just wanted to have some harmony while living my life so much so that I 'kept up' the image that my parents had of me in front of everyone else while secretly doing things I wanted to do.When the truth got out, it really revealed a really ugly and manipulative side of my mom.

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