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Other Jewish stereotypes are the rabbi, the complaining and guilt-inflicting Jewish mother, often along with a meek and nerdy nice Jewish boy, and the spoiled and materialistic Jewish-American princess.

Exaggerated or grotesque Jewish facial features were a staple theme in Nazi propaganda and, less frequently, in Soviet propaganda.

This widespread stereotype can be traced back to the 13th century, according to art historian Sara Lipton.

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I'm sorry, but straight men are dirty, sweaty and have no taste. And they are surprisingly difficult to fill even without looking at someone's W4 to determine whether they're wealthy enough to be with me. Just because you have positive feelings about something doesn't mean you automatically have to have negative feelings about something else. (So, short answer: No.) The percentage of us who will only date rich guys is the same percentage of all women — or men — who will only date rich people. We love and are attracted to men.”In a gay relationship, there is not a man and a woman; there are men.When society makes fun of and degrades gay men for things that are patently untrue, young gay men are left without proper role models, failed by a society that describes them with generalizations.

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