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In earlier versions of SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), we used to keep SSIS packages either on a file share or in the MSDB database and configuration parameters such as connection strings and sensitive data either in an XML file or in a SQL Server table.The downside to this was that this was unprotected.This password is very important, so make sure to remember this password or save it in a secure location.The password is required, because the catalog stores sensitive information (such as database name and passwords) in the SSIS catalog. Once you click on the "OK" button, the SSISDB catalog will be created under the Integration Services Catalogs node and a new user database named "SSISDB" will be created under the Databases node.You will see a new folder named "Integration Services Catalogs" in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) if you connect to a SQL Server 2012 or later instance.As I said in the problem section, by default the SSISDB catalog will not be installed so before deploying SSIS packages to this catalog on any instance, we would have to create the SSISDB catalog.For example, you set project and package parameters, configure environments to specify runtime values for packages, execute and troubleshoot packages, and manage Integration Services server operations.

Due to a merger we now have a My SQL database that we need to update from SSIS.Step 4: Click on "Enable CLR Integration" because the catalog uses CLR stored procedures.Once you will click on this option, another checkbox will be enabled named "Enable automatic execution of Integration Services stored procedure at SQL Server startup".This tip will demonstrate you how to easily and quickly set up the SSIS catalog on a new installation of SQL Server.As per MSDN "The SSISDB catalog is the central point for working with Integration Services (SSIS) projects that you've deployed to the Integration Services server.

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