Solbi and andy dating real

One of the reasons for minihomepys success was peoples dissatisfaction with the individual homepages that were prevalent in Korea at the time. That same year, members Sooyoung and Hyoyeon were cast into S.

He and Cora perform the tune as he and Sophie intended it to be sung, leading to the two of them kissing.Through this program, viewers can see how these artists interact with each other and pretend to be husband and wife on television.Featuring a virtual wedding, offers a variety of unexpected partners. According to fan accounts, Andy and Solbi held hand troughout the date, because Andy doesn’t want any ‘mob’ to hurt Solbi.Despite the failure of her previous drama Three Leaf Clover, in Lee starred opposite Lee Dong-gun in the mini-drama If in Love and she played a pop star who is diagnosed with a terminal illness that leaves her only months to live.

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