Shoujoai dating game

Time changed them, and Namsu entering the picture may alter the balance of their relationship...

My Joy is the shoujo-ai manhwa that confirmed Pito as one of the best GL artists!

Yet, it's difficult to tell who Yoona is, and what she really feels... The Chain of Youth is a shoujo-ai manhwa with darker tones, as chapter after chapter we discover how Jia's admiration and feelings toward Yoona get repeatedly played by Yoona herself, who shows her true colors.Now an adult, Bo-eun has a new roommate who goes back and forth from her window: it's a cat, Dallae (Korean for azalea).From the moment Dallae showed up, Bo-eun started having dreams about Saeyeon, but are the two things related somehow?Her life as a maid is complicated, though, as she is clumsy, and completely unsuited to be a maid.The other maids keep getting angry at her, but the young madam forgives June's every mistake.

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