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It also gives users the option to identify with 22 genders and 13 sexual orientations.According to the company, the efforts “are part of a larger movement Ok Cupid is leading to combat the status quo: a movement to elevate substance over selfies in dating app culture and empower users to really know someone.” Though she is ageless and timeless, our leader in lesbian combat turns 60. For some of us, those truly are the “three little words.” TV comic book adaptation “Black Lightning” introduces Thunder, aka Anissa Pierce (played by Nafessa Williams), the eldest daughter of Jefferson, aka Black Lightning himself.Users fill out a “Personality Check,” which asks if you are optimistic or pessimistic, idealist or materialist, on time or always late, plus a number of very specific questions to finding a Sapphic match.Just as 2018 begins, Saturn enters Capricorn to let us know that this is not a year for fooling around.In fact,the most hilarious scenes are those with Matthew Lillard and are worth watching (but only these scenes).All in all this movie which starts out promising is just another sad excuse for an attempt at comedy,which contains mostly awkward but un-funny scenes and pretty women (surprisingly enough), with the only good part being Matthew Lillard's jokes.With the help of home-surveillance cameras, they learn they're being stalked by a nefarious demon.In the rape delivery scene, Fred enters the room where the old lady is calling the police, leaving the door opened behind him.

A couple begin to experience some unusual activity after bringing their lost nieces and nephew home.January feels heavy, and even the sunnier periods of the year have us trying to balance responsibility with play.The first trimester of the year is a little like the beginning of boot camp.A rainbow wave hit the election cycle, India decriminalized homosexuality, and celesbian engagements made our hearts melt.These and more are the moments that kept us going through a very tough 2018! While we all prepare our resolutions with the hope that 2019 will bring us much better times than this past year, we thought it important to reflect on all the moments of lesbian, bisexual, and queer representation that brought us joy, changed the course of history, and proved our resilience.

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