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The rural people aspired to move to the cities where there was more money and more excitement.As quickly as Indians were able to get their allotments out of trust status, they sold out to the speculators who were waiting like so many crows on the fence.That land and the allotments were held in trust by the federal government for the tribe and so were legally “Indian country.” All else was declared “surplus land” and opened for white settlement.Reservations were rural with agricultural economies. There were few big cities in Oklahoma as, come to think of it, there are not all that many today.Renaults and Simcas were sold in Tulsa, but we seldom saw them.So my world was divided among Fords and Chevys and Mo Par, principally the first two. I came from a family that would rather push a Ford than drive a Chevy. Every year, the local Chevy dealer got the loan of a Corvette during an open house to introduce the new models. Then I discovered foreign cars and pretty much swore off Detroit Iron for years.

” It didn’t help break the verbal habit when the state of Oklahoma put up signs on the road about “entering the Sac & Fox Reservation.” Another contributor to the ahistorical “rez” remarks was the rise of the powwow.

The times I was lucky enough to be with César Chávez personally, I had no doubt the honorific attached to Gandhi fit Chávez.

In English, “great soul.” I quickly learned that most of Chávez’s funding came from the United Auto Workers, the fiercely independent union that had seceded from the stodgy AFL-CIO.

All the reservations in Oklahoma save one — the Osage — were made to disappear with Oklahoma statehood in 1907.

The Osage had enough oil to buy enough Congresscritters to keep their mineral rights, if not their surface rights, as a collective holding rather than what happened to the rest of us.

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