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The Diocese explained that the individual making the allegation was twenty years old at the time and enrolled at a college in another state where the incidents were reported to have occurred.

The Diocese told the public that it had “no information to provide on other possible allegations against the priest.” The press release from the Diocese of Erie was false and misleading.

Additionally, Diocesan records showed that Presley was so violent that priests who interacted with him were concerned for their safety.

Later that year, Trautman communicated with the Vatican and outlined additional details with respect to sexual abuse committed by Presley.

Between February and May 1988, various meetings or discussions were held between Presley and Diocesan officials.

The Diocese noted that Presley did not directly deny the allegations.

Presley stated that it was okay “because he was a priest” and used his position as a spiritual guide to further the abuse.

On August 25, 2005, Bartchak sent a confidential memo to Trautman that detailed the results of his interviews to date.

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He also noted the possibility that Presley would become violent.

In April 2003, and in response to media inquiries about Presley, the Diocese of Erie issued a press release stating, among other things, that Presley’s priestly faculties were removed in July 2002 shortly after the allegations prompted the Diocese to conduct an internal investigation.

The Diocese stated that Trautman’ s understanding of the alleged incidents was that the crimes had occurred 28 years ago during the time of the late Bishop Watson.

Presley taught the victim how to have sexual intercourse by bringing in a female high school student and using index cards to show them where to touch each other.

On more than one occasion, Presley gave him some type of a sedative to relax him prior to abusing him.

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