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'" Senator Claire Mc Caskill, the Missouri Democrat, said."It's unconscionable," Carl Levin, the senior Democratic senator from Michigan, said.Seventy-six nominees for judgeships and executive posts have been approved by committees but, because of blocks, haven't come up for a vote in the full Senate, leaving courtrooms idle and jobs unfilled across the upper levels of the Obama Administration....

On this afternoon, two portly bald men in suits stood facing the speaker from a few feet away, tapping at the transcription machines, which resembled nineteenth-century cash registers, slung around their necks.There would be no hearings that afternoon; the general and the admiral would have to come back another day.Like investment bankers on Wall Street, senators these days direct much of their creative energy toward the manipulation of arcane rules and loopholes, scoring short-term successes while magnifying their institution's broader dysfunction."The obstructionism has become mindless." The Senators were in the Capitol, sunk into armchairs before the marble fireplace in the press lounge, which is directly behind the Senate chamber. Mc Caskill, in a matching maroon jacket and top, looked exasperated; Levin glowered over his spectacles."Also, it's a dumb rule in itself," Mc Caskill said.

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