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Lamman may have gone through a tough time with his brother’s sudden loss, but he’s never dwelled in the past and has gathered the courage to move forward and succeed in everything he does.Lamman has never been seen involved with anyone romantically except in the movies and series., Kim Hawthorne gave birth to more rumors and baseless speculations.As an alumn of the institution, Lamman expressed his gratitude and his pride over the fact that he was a part of the school.

His family was said to be very supportive of his career path, therefore enrolling him in a suitable school where his passion was nurtured.

The Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-born star first started acting in his 4th grade, playing the role of Martin Luther King Jr.

Later on in life, he became famous for always appearing in soap operas and Tyler Perry movies.

His first role in a movie came in the television miniseries ‘The Temptations’ (1998) which was based upon the legendary Motown group of the same name.

Rucker’s breakthrough role, however, came in 2002 when he took up the role of attorney T.

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