Scarlett johansson dating kieran culkin

According to Mail Online, the Home Alone star's spokesperson has slammed the reports, which surfaced in the...

Home Alone star Macauley Culkin's publicist is firing back at tabloid reports suggesting he's a heroin addict fighting for life.

The comedian joked that the singer spent most of their time together in a chair used to aid people who have... The 28-year-old actress is currently enjoying the most successful period of her career but she has set herself a goal to have stepped away from work...

Mila Kunis has revealed that she struggles to meet men, despite being a Hollywood sex symbol.

But when he does go public with a new fling, we'll be the first to let you know.

If second seasons are all about new chances, “Succession” looks to be taking full advantage.

Logan (Brian Cox) looks like he’s continuing to be the gruff, heartless patriarch the show has proven him to be.

As per usual, Roman (Kieran Culkin) is on hand to roast his fellow family members and employees with little impunity.

(If this trailer was just 120 seconds of Tom grooving water bottles at Greg’s torso, it would be enough to sell the rest of the season.) Joining this cast for Season 2 is Cherry Jones and Holly Hunter, whose characters both appear to be part of the family reconciliation process, while stoking the competitive familial fire in their own way.Media is the name of the game for the Roy family, but it appears that Season 2 is going to see its characters trying to expand at an even quicker rate than before, both in the size of the company they’re vying for and the influence they wield over each other.Plus, it’s “Succession,” so there are aerial shots of helicopters against the New York skyline, palatial estates, and claustrophobic board rooms.Some of the old and a little bit of the darkly funny new.Macaulay Culkin's father and stepmother fear he is ''heavily into drugs''.

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