Sample of intimidating lettersfrom attorneys

I stuck to my guns (aka: my knowledge base) during my testimony, and talked about what I knew about. I’ve never been intimidated much by people (places, things or even animals either for that matter).

~ I love it when the attorney can’t even remember what was asked and has to refer to the court reporter!

She is a member of Resolution and deals with all areas of relationship breakdown including divorce, cohabitation issues, pre-nuptial agreements, disputes involving children and ancillary relief matters (finances), in which she has a particular interest.

For details, see Nelsons details and Nelsons Solicitors website. My wife issued divorce proceedings after we had been separated for 2 years and I have done everything necessary so that the divorce progresses quickly.

In other words, I’m not the type of person who “blows up” or “blabs” and I definitely don’t overshare!

It is really upsetting and I don’t know what to do. One of the biggest fears for extended family members is that the time that they would usually spend with the children will be affected, as appears to unfortunately be happening in your case.

Remember the last time someone tried to intimidate you? During cross examination in the past, I’ve received a pretty mean looking facial expression/glaring eyes/stare down/stern voice/condescending attitude and a critical tone to the long litany of questions arising from the mouth of an attorney on a workers’ compensation court case. Okay, okay, I am intimidated by Mother Nature, a force to be feared, and treated with utmost respect e specially when she zoome a mesocyclone or other tornado-like activity my way.

How about when a person (for example, that careless tailgater or the drunk in the same beer line as you) may think they can make another person do something or react in some way? Pay attention to public intoxication ~ NOT INTERESTED! I knew this attorney was trying hard to intimidate me. I’ll never forget the evergreen tree in my front yard crash down on the car in my neighbor’s driveway during a mesocyclone many summers ago.

You should also note that if you then remarry without a financial application in the divorce proceedings being issued, your entitlement to apply for a financial settlement may have gone, so please do not remarry without having checked your legal position. My husband Craig and I have not been able to agree what should happen to our home now we are getting divorced.

We have been going backwards and forwards for months. Costs in financial order proceedings are subject to the general rule that the Court will not make an order that one party should pay the costs of the other. Essentially, arbitration is another form of dispute resolution.

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