Sa kanya pagdating lyrics

Sisilipin, uulitin lang** Just a peek, one more time Aawatin, bibigay naman** Hold back but give in eventually Sana*** ay 'di na pinagtagpo ng ating diyos What if god didn't let us meet / I wish god didn't let us meet Tulungan mo ako Help me Sa tuwing siya ay nakikita, ako'y nagwawala Every time I see her, I go crazy 'Pagkat sa kanyang mga ngiti, ako sumusuko Because in her smile, I surrender. But for the sake of brevity in this translation, I used 'her'.

Konting tulak ay iibig na A little push then fall in love Sa maghapon ay nakatawa I'd be smiling the rest of the day Ngunit sinabi ko sa akin But I told myself Ayoko na sanang maging iyakin na naman ako I don't want to be a crybaby because of this again Sa tuwing kami'y magkasama Every time we're together Ako'y natutuwa I'm in joy Pagkat sa kanyang mga mata ako'y sumusuko Because in her eyes, I surrender Biglang luluha pag wala na siya Tears fall suddenly whenever she's gone Sandali lang, di na makita Even if it's only for a moment that she's out of sight Alam ko na naman ito But I already know this Nakita ko ito sa palabas I've seen this in the movies Ang luha ko (There goes) my tears Sa tuwing siya ay umaalis Every time she leaves Ako'y nagtitiis I endure the pain (or I suffer in silence) Pagkat sa kanyang mga ngiti ako'y sumusuko Because in her smile, I surrender Sisilipin, uulitin lang Just a peek, one more time Aawatin, bibigay naman (Sa kanya) Hold back but give in eventually (to her) Konting tulak ay iibig na (Sa kanya) With a little push, fall in love (with her) Sa maghapon ay nakatawa (Sa kanya) I'd be smiling the rest of the day (to her) Biglang luluha pag wala na siya (Sa kanya) Tears fall suddenly whenever she's gone (to her) Sandali lang di na makita (Sa kanya) Even if it's only for a moment that she's out of sight (to her) Biglang luluha pag wala na siya Tears fall suddenly whenever she's gone Sa kanya Her * Kanya - is a gender-neutral singular pronoun. **This part implies that the singer is talking to himself/herself *** Sana - literal translation is equivalent to "I wish" (e.g.

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MAIKLING KWENTO – Narito ang maikling kwento tungkol kay Bb. Bawat taon, mahigit 30 studyante ang nasa klase niya – ang klase Sampaguita.

Someone called upon Leron to gather papaya fruits but instead of getting ripe ones he aimed for the buds.

When he got to the of the tree, the branch broke."Buko" means "bud" or the flowers.

In courtship, young men and women are warned to be careful and obey their elders' advice. In the third stanza of the song, the man courting the woman wants to prove his courage.

His bravery, therefore, can be tested in eating the food offered to him.

As in the first stanza, the girl is summoned to gather tamarinds.

She climbed the tree and was warned to be careful as the branch is swaying and she might fall.

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