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Given the world’s presumption that the French have some God-given sex appeal and talent for romance, it seems logical to believe the myth that French men’s favorite sport other than football is having several lovers or mistresses at the same time. For the sake of comparison, let’s see how the French fared compared with their neighbors.After the highly trivialized and publicized affair of President François Hollande, a poll was conducted throughout Europe.Instead those who topped the notorious list are its neighbors including Russia, Serbia, Greece and Bulgaria.In 2013, cigarette sales dropped by 7.6%—that’s about 4 billion less cigarettes than the previous year.We could go and on but we wouldn’t see France until rank 59th. Compared with the top ranks, it’s considerably lower which means people should just stop caricaturing the French people as the epitome of smoking public.Whoever started the myth that French men stink was just jealous. We all know how the French are known for their kisses, culinary masterpieces, intellect and exceptional romantic xxxx. Seldom, if not at all, will you encounter a Parisian that smells bad.

From an economic standpoint, French men are deemed lazy because they get paid high wages but they only worked three hours a day.

With 55% of males confirming they’ve had sexual affairs with other people other than the one they’re in a relationship with, the verdict points to the French and Italian men as top philanderers. Even though 45% of men in France remain faithful to their lady loves and wives, the majority are still committing the crime of juggling two or maybe even more lovers at the same time.

Following French and Italian men behind are the Brits at 42%. Given that France produces many of the world’s finest wines, it’s safe to presume that its people also drink lots of them. There’s no denying the fact that though French men are considered rude, arrogant and snobs, they are also the world’s best wine connoisseurs.

The French just tend to talk over one another and they also love to defend themselves.

While that comes off as arrogant to many, defending your stance or belief in any argument is a character trait that is considered strong in the country.

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