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We link directly to your original work and send readers to your website. As a blogger it's important for you to know that other RSS readers might not be sending you traffic, but does!At Bloglovin our mission is to help influencers succeed.This might happen if they see the title of your post in their feed or elsewhere and decide not to click on it.When people share posts from bloglovin to social networks, we link those people back to your content on This helps people discover our platform and in turn, your blog.At times we experiment with different ways of displaying content in an attempt to increase the number of visitors that we can send to bloggers.

If you don’t want any of your RSS feeds to update automatically, select the Include RSS Feeds in this Send/Receive group check box so there is NO check mark in the box.Another way of thinking about it is that web pages are designed to be read by people, RSS is a copy of your website designed to be read by computers.If you are using a blogging platform, every time you write a post, you are also publishing to your RSS feed (unless you turn it off).To select which RSS feeds update automatically, if any, click the File tab.Click Options in the menu on the left side of the Account Information screen.

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