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There’s no way to take yourself too seriously if you’ve ever worn human feces while topless, which every new mother inevitably has. Kids remind you, day in and day out that you are just not that cool.

If she has survived motherhood along side a breakup, she has clearly made the choice to embrace the chaos of life and laugh at it’s unexpected twists instead of opting for anger and gloom. Divorce indicates there was a successful relationship, where the complexities and compromises of a marriage were navigated and new life was the result.

She has a built in smother-protection clause in the form of lots of priorities higher than you. And when it did, she silently yet immediately applied the marriage/kids/family algorithm to your partnership, a complex and rigid calculation that works backwards from her perceived oldest possible age of childbirth and sets you sail on an invisible yet very well mapped journey towards conception. She is seeking any way to get back, just for a moment, to a carefree spot in her life that didn’t involve the responsibility of children.

Think back to every third date you have had with a single woman in her late 20’s or early 30’s. While you may be exposed to the occasional story about the SUPER funny potty mishap from earlier in the day (cut her some slack and laugh) you are free of the biological noose that probably choked out some past dating relationships. Getting up before the kids (even if it means 4 am) to have coffee alone is fun.

If she does or doesn’t like you, you won’t be stuck guessing. The grooming process of a single mom, while never diminished in its outcomes, is streamlined to the last second when simultaneously preparing oneself for work, ones children for their day (multiple wardrobe changes for each), and one’s home for departure.

She can apply military-like precision to the ubiquitous chaos.

A night out at Rubio’s when no one throws the salsa is FUN.

Anything that does not involve chronically wiping noses, butts and countertops is fun.

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Although she is attracted to men the way all other women are, it’s the size of his heart that she’s really excited to reveal.

She does not have the time or the emotional energy for the posturing or the strategic tug of war that often takes place in the first stages of many dating relationships.

On the contrary she will likely be overly direct with you and tell you exactly what she wants and how she is feeling. Any parent, male or female, can recall those first years of their child’s life when sleep deprivation and no alone time for showering were the rule not the exception.

Dating is one of life’s rituals where high-highs and low -lows are the rule not the exception.

This exhilarating yet totally bi-polar process gets even trickier later in life after the frivolity of the 20’s and early 30’s and when the weight of responsibility creeps on like the waist size.

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