Robot chat free about sex

You ended up writing a lot about sex dolls—did you know about sex dolls before you wrote your book? So I think robots can simulate love, but even if they can't, so what?People pay prostitutes millions and millions for regular services. And, as you mention in , brothels in Japan and South Korea already offer sex with dolls for the same rates they would charge for human prostitutes.So, moving on from mere conversation, you began researching how, um, far interaction between humans and robots could go?Around the year 2003, I started researching this topic very seriously.When I was 10, I was in Madame Tussauds waxworks in London with my aunt.I wanted to find someone to get to some part of the exhibition and I saw someone, and it didn't dawn on me for a few seconds that that person was a waxwork.So in studying sex with prostitutes, you figured you might begin to understand what the thinking behind sex with robots would be.I started analyzing the psychology of clients of prostitutes.

People who grow up with all sorts of electronic gizmos will find android robots to be fairly normal as friends, partners, lovers. Because science fiction is naturally one of the first things that leapt to my mind when I think of a society with robots in it. The only sci-fi book I ever read was as a favor to a publisher who wanted a quote from me on the back cover, but the book was so dreadful that I couldn't support it.I got interested in computer programming through programming games. So your interest in chess programs led you to computers and, ultimately, artificial intelligence?Then I head about a subject called AI, which people in Edinburgh were working on, such as Donald Michie, the head of the department of machine intelligence at the University of Edinburgh, who worked with Alan Turing on breaking German codes. Back then, people wrote chess programs to simulate human thought processes.I was writing a book, , with a couple of chapters on robot emotion—love, even sex.I found so much material that when I finished that book, I wanted to look even more deeply in human emotional relationships with computers, with the possibility of sexual relations. In there, she wrote about some students she interviewed in her attempts to figure out how people related to computers.

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