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Driver's crew then install the supplied body kits that are fully decaled with their sponsors to the chassis.Since SST maintains the spec trucks the drivers need a minimum crew.To ensure quality each of the 600 HP V8 motors are dynoed before each race making this a truly driver's event.On Friday the driver draws for his chassis for that event.With his loss it appeared stadium racing had become history.That is until the multi talented racer Robby Gordon decided to add promoter to his long list of accomplishments.The driver's crew can make suspension and seating adjustments and are then ready to race.

The SST crew built templates and laid out a production line to produce the short wheelbase trucks so each are built the same.

Alcohol burning unlimited horsepower Monster Trucks were incorporated into the program along with Super Buggies and Super Trophy Karts, sporting truck bodies, to round out the show. Justin Matney was second and Robby Gordon finished third.

When Robby Gordon planned his new series he wanted to avoid how race teams with deep pockets ruled in previous stadium events.

The first of the 12 race series was held at the University of Phoenix Stadium.

The unique track design offered a high speed straight, banked turns, flat turns, whoop section, hair-pin turns and totally insane double cross over jumps where drivers jumped over competitors traversing below them.

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